IoT Sourcing and Integration with Shenzhen at Our Doorstep

Zencode leverages its location connecting with IoT providers from Shenzhen, China (the hardware capital of the world). And sourcing unique products from startups and manufacturers to find the best fit solution for your needs. Our technical capabilities ensure seamless connection to IoT to your mobile app. From healthcare to logistics to FinTech IoT devices, it’s no wonder clients like DBS, GIC, Telstra, Toyota, McDonald’s, Wilson Parking, etc. use us

With Zencode’s IoT Sourcing + Mobile App Integration Have Real Time Data Driven Insights

  • # For Singapore based logistics company installed across their fleet of vehicles
  • * Based on 1 year of data after system implemented across 3 warehouses by Singapore based logistics company compared with previous 5 years of mean data
  • ## based on IoT wristbands for trial of 6 months monitoring heart rates and oxygen levels, data integrated with health records

Typical Benefits

  • Increase Efficiency with Smarter Insights
  • Real Time Data Driven Decisions
  • More Data Points with IoT Monitoring
  • Increase Margins In Shorter Period of Time
  • Integrate Data from IoT and Other Sources Quickly

Case Studies

Helping Connect Teachers and Parents with their children

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