As we move into the new decade, mobile apps will need certain features and capabilities if they expect to remain competitive. Current trends and societal climate will often dictate what these are, such as a high demand for social media features or multiplayer games. 
One of the more fundamental features is the need of a sound marketing platform. A mobile development team could have the next big innovation ready for the mobile market, but unless the consumer public is made aware and buys in to the capabilities beforehand, many could remain ignorant, even if they would enjoy using it.

Successful marketing strategies include research of your target market, as well as of competing mobile apps. Specialized marketing based on this, as well as engagement with social media networks, will increase the chances of the app being considered “must-have” before it hits the app store. 

Another important concept is the knowledge of current mobile development trends. For instance, wearable technology is projected to be a quickly growing market in the coming years. Implementing functionality with this technology would increase the overall marketability of a mobile app designed to take advantage of it. 

With artificial intelligence becoming more popular and accessible, its implementation into mobile apps can provide a wealth of opportunities. Not only consumer facing, such as chatbots for technical support, but in the development phase as well. Artificial intelligence programs can monitor social media to determine consumer attitude, as well as facilitate specialized marketing with tailored promotions. 

While creating an app that keeps these concepts in mind and successfully marketing it are important, equally critical to the survival of any mobile app is a sound customer support system. This is the platform by which the mobile development team can engage with their customers at all the stages of life of an app. Feedback can be gained during beta, alpha, and post launch phases, and implemented as needed. Companies can determine which features aren’t well received or which could use a bit more polish. 

Along with marketing information, technical data can be gathered through the support system, increasing the efficiency of troubleshooting efforts and the location/remediation of system bugs or glitches. In addition to these benefits, consumers will feel more loyalty towards the app as a result of these interactions. By having their feedback discussed and implemented, as well as concerns addressed promptly, their buy-in and continued support will be attained.

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