Digitalising Retail Experiences with Online Brand Experience that Convert Viewers to Buyers

Zencode creates powerful brand experiences for companies online that translate the physical brand experience offline to actual online purchasing behaviour. Helping design and develop a cost-effective and high ROI ecommerce environment that enhances the brand’s image and directs customers towards making purchases and engaging with the brand. Zencode has delivered high-impact projects for global luxury accessories brands to high-end timepieces to beauty marketplace to consumer products.

Zencode’s Customised Marketplaces Deliver Great User Experience and Directed Customer Actions

  • # based on tracking of purchases from 12 months prior with old platform to 12 months after new platform released for a luxury timepieces brand from Singapore
  • * Based on previous 1 year of sales data with previous platform compared with new platform for consumer product retailer in Canada
  • ## based on luxury retailer based in Singapore to manufacture their seasonal inventory on a more accurate basis from online platform sales and user action data

Typical Benefits

  • Reduce Inventory Wastage with Smarter Insights
  • Understand Customer Buying Behaviour With Tracking
  • Test New Product Lines With Less Capital and Faster Results
  • Gain More Visibility, Lessen Risk in Sales Channels Through Broader Base
  • Expand Internationally Without Expensive Hardware

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