Zencode partners with KnowYourCustomer to provide seamless KYC and AML/CFT Checks

Using Zencode’s expertise in KYC and mobile cybersecurity brings about best-in-class KYC with an emphasis on great User Experience. Speeding up on-boarding whilst simultaneously increasing security and verification of users. KnowYourCustomer provides both individuals and corporate verification with AML/CFT checks and finding the Ultimate Beneficial Owner through a single input with it’s automated “drill-down” into entities. Integrated to our Customer’s Mobile App for a seamless digital experience.

Zencode’s Consultative Process Integrates Solution Into Highly Secure Environment

  • # based on remittance company which was previously on-boarding clients through manual documents
  • * based on remittance company utilising the solution compared with previous manual AML/CFT checks using other system
  • ## Using V-Key’s solution for App Protection and Secure Messaging

Typical Benefits

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Customer Sign-ups
  • Increased Speed of On-Boarding
  • Secure Government Grade Security For App
  • Consultative Process, Non-Invasive Infrastructure
  • Decrease On-Going Manual Processes for CDD
  • Cloud Driven Architecture for Future Proof KYC

Case Studies

Helps Secure Mobile App Data without Expensive Hardware Tokens with V-Key

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