Social Impact Through Technology

Social Impact Through Technology: Empowering Social Enterprises and NGOs

Zencode goes beyond a traditional development house, we devote a portion of our development time to augmenting social impact with established NGOs and Social Enterprises. We believe in the need for social impact activities at the core of our business and not just another CSR initiative.

Zencode pioneered a partnership model with social enterprises to share revenue or equity for sustainable support on top of subsidised development work

Zencode also works with NGOs for subsidised development together with introductions to fundraising to support their work, with an aim to help NGOs with a more social enterprise model for predictable income and better planning

Zencode worked with Hong Kong Jockey Club and VolTra to create a gamified geo-cache style real world RPG for youth to impact their local communities and the greater world outside Hong Kong


Zencode worked together with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprise on their SEEMark Certification web portal that allowed Social Enterprises to easily and digitally apply for certification for their Social Enterprise.

We continually look for more socially impactful projects especially around:

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