Cloud Applications That Users Intuitively Use and Give Insights and Data to Business

Zencode creates highly effective cloud applications with an unprecedented “buy-in” from the end users. With great UX and a focus on the business outcomes, we don’t get lost in the technology and focus on the stakeholders. From Inventory Systems with Data Processed by AI to dashboards that give a bird’s eye view with data from 20 separate systems. It’s no wonder clients like DBS, GIC, Telstra, Toyota, McDonald’s, Wilson Parking, etc. use us

Zencode’s Customised Cloud Applications Deliver Great User Experience and Directed User Actions

  • # based on Singapore bank participation for their internal HR program compared with their previous system
  • * Based on 1 year of data after system implemented across 3 warehouses by Singapore based logistics company compared with previous 5 years of mean data
  • ## based on luxury retailer based in Singapore to manufacture their seasonal inventory on a more accurate basis from online platform sales and user action data

Typical Benefits

  • Reduce Inventory Wastage with Smarter Insights
  • Increase Efficiency of Staff
  • Quicker Insights into Your Operations through AI
  • Increase Margins In Shorter Period of Time
  • Integrate Data from IoT and Other Sources Quickly

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