Empowering Organisations with AI Augmentation for Faster Insights and Targeted Solutions to Power Unstructured Data

Zencode has used Artificial Neural Networks to help organisations improve their targeting and strategies for cost efficiencies and better response time. From healthcare to hospitality to the financial industry, Zencode is best placed to help develop the right Artificial Neural Network. Developing sentiment analysis engines to personality engines to diagnosis engines to healthcare prediction engines to AML flagging engines, Zencode leverages the power of it’s Artificial Neural Networks, especially in Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation to power unstructured data.

Zencode’s Customised Artificial Neural Networks Deliver Great User Experience and User Insight

  • # based on spending behavioural patterns for customers from social media accounts and in-store purchasing
  • * Using NLP engine to process documentation provided by end clients and highlighting flagged areas to compliance officers presenting them with relevant regulation so they can make decisions on the spot
  • ## based on government project in the healthcare sector for predictive healthcare for millions of health records

Typical Benefits

  • Faster Processing with Human Augmentation via AI
  • Instant and Live Updates via AI Flagging
  • Efficient AI Architecture with Our Team
  • Outcome Driven Team, Practical not Theoretica
  • Cross Industry Experience Brings Different Viewpoints

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