With Zencode’s focus on cultural and skills fit for offshore teams, we have been able to work with startups to enterprise clients on extending their capabilities. Mindset focus is on “augmentation and complementing”, rather than “offshoring”. From a large APAC telecommunications company to a Singapore based cybersecurity company, we have helped them manage and integrate our offshore teams to work closely with their onsite teams. We work in an AGILE manner with their teams.

Augmentation That Complements A Team

With Zencode’s experienced UX engineers, business analysts and development teams located in our offshore offices, we are able to help businesses scale quickly and yet retain great cultural fit. We develop develop collaboration models that help to bring teams together and focus on customer satisfaction. We don’t just view teams as “resources”, but as “collaboration partners”. It’s no wonder clients like DBS, GIC, Telstra, Toyota, McDonald’s & Wilson Parking use us.

Zencode’s Dedicated Team Augmentation Easily and Quickly Sets Up Teams

  • # based on telecommunications client project compared with previous team from a competitor
  • * based on surveys done in past projects with competitors and then in surveys done with our team for a sovereign wealth fund
  • ## measured against previous developer app usage vs Zencode’s new designs and development for specific customer app 2 weeks after launch working with startup team as augmented resources

Typical Benefits

  • Cost Effective Offshore Teams
  • Augmented Resources, Not Just Another Offshore Team
  • Higher Output From Teams with Augmentation of Manual Tasks
  • Higher Profitability as Lower Support Costs and Better User Engagement
  • Increased Budgets and Fundraising as Departments and Startups Increase Productivity

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