Zencode has proven that UX is a key component of any system success, for back office systems that have high stakeholder engagement to customer facing apps that drive revenue and continual repurchase. From startups that win Alibaba Jumpstarter awards to Enterprise clients who find 200% increase in customer retention, our UX is behind it all.

UX That Drives Users And Revenue

With Zencode’s experienced UX team we are able to help businesses grow usage of their platforms and high satisfaction amongst users. With great UX and a focus on the business outcomes, our designs are winning awards for our clients. It’s no wonder clients like DBS, GIC, Telstra, Toyota, McDonald’s & Wilson Parking use us.

Zencode’s UX Design Delivers Great User Experience and Directed User Actions

  • # based on Singapore bank participation for their internal HR program compared with their previous system
  • * based on tracking of purchases from 12 months prior with old platform to 12 months after new platform released for a luxury timepieces brand from Singapore
  • ## measured against previous developer app usage vs Zencode’s new designs and development for specific customer app 2 weeks after launch

Typical Benefits

  • Intuitive User Knowledge of System, Spend Less on Teaching
  • Increased Repeat Users and High User Engagement
  • Increased Margins as Users Willing to Pay More for Better Experience
  • Higher Profitability as Lower Support Costs and Better User Engagement
  • Increased Budgets and Fundraising as Departments and Startups Gain More Engagement

Case Studies

Helping an Automotive Manufacturer Know Their Touch Points
Ensure Great UX HR Award and Recognition For Front Line Staff

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