Blockchain for Finance and Banking

The blockchain technology is swiftly shifting an in-demand solution in the Banking & Finance industry as it contributes transparency of financial transactions, data security, decentralisation, and secure traceability. The technology benefits banks and financial organisations to manage dynamic workflows as it promotes evidence of identity, overcomes counterparty risks and establishes over-the-counter speculation. It also facilitates delivery Vs payment remuneration and financial conflicts resolution.

Zencode as the most promising Blockchain innovator in financial services

Zencode's Blockchain Platform is a resilient software that offers, series of information and authorisation during the letter of credit process by providing the top-class performance and security for the most challenging crises encountered across regulated industries.

We develop, detail and deploy blockchain networks, to overcome risk and open up clear revenue streams. Zencode’s Blockchain for financial services imports added trust to Deliver increased transparency, integrity and efficiency to all financial transaction.

Zencode is a promising Blockchain innovator in financial services. We Defy expectations by proving we have the coordination to drive agile in the face of change.

What Zencode can do for your business?

Zencode's Blockchain capabilities and System Development is designed to meet future implementations that include the key features of a peer-reviewed, verified design, performance guarantees, recurring safety audit, and templates for compliance with regulations. That also includes Smart Contract over the Blockchain works multiple levels of trust concerns with the conventional approach.

What makes Zencode’s blockchain solution better for your business?

  • It’s categorised & distributed

    Blockchain builds a shared system of history among your network members, excluding the necessity to accommodate different ledgers.

  • It's built on the need

    Each member of the chain must have access to prerogatives. Information is distributed only on the need basis.

  • It’s perpetual

    The consent is claimed from all members, and all authorised transactions are enduringly posted. Especially Indeed a system administrator can’t remove or destroy a transaction & history.

Zencode’s analysis on the technology

  • Develop unique applications
  • Direct the network
  • Perform the system
  • Stimulating development
  • Liberal governance
  • Always-on administration

Zencode specializes in building applications with smart contracts and blockchain technology. We are masters in instantly developing applications on the Hyperledger protocol and can build innovative resolutions for your business needs. What's our USP?

  • Agile Turnaround Time

    We can instantly develop your application to showcase your use cause.

  • Simple & effective Interfaces

    We design intuitive user interfaces.

  • Consistent Technology

    Although blockchain technology is completely involved, yet you can avoid it to be unresponsive.

Custom Aids

Zencode is a dynamic smart contract and blockchain service provider. We present the know-how and facilities to adapt your requirements into accomplishing system. We use secure cryptography and the blockchain to notarise the activities & transactions.

We support to convert your business demands into smart contract regulations and blockchain applications.

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