Zencode’s Domain Expertise and AI Augmented Data Analytics Helps Give Live and Crucial Insight to Customers

Zencode’s expert domain knowledge and AI augmented data processing, enhances data analytics for some Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in Asia. With a strong understanding of artificial neural networks, knowledge of ETL and knowing the right questions on the data, Zencode was able to greatly enhance the insights.

Zencode’s Expertise in Big Data Analytics for Government Agencies and AI Solutions Help Give Timely Insights

  • # based on government project in the healthcare sector for predictive healthcare for millions of health records
  • *measured against previous implementation of the function after our team increased the efficiency of queries
  • ## After launching a Zencode designed and developed system on analysing millions of records, the financial institution found their staff able to do more 20% more customer cases for CDD for AML compliance on daily basis

Services Offered

Data Migration (Cloud and Server)
Data Warehousing
Data Visualisation
AI Based Analytics (especially unstructured datasets)

Typical Benefits

  • Better Query on Data and Understanding of Data
  • Efficient Loading on Queries, Reduce Operational Cost
  • Live Data Insights for Customers
  • Smarter Insights Into Data
  • Better Domain Knowledge with Domain Experts

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