The user experience and a customer's satisfaction is at the heart of a great mobile application. It truly is up to the user to determine if your mobile app is successful as they will be the ones utilizing it and reviewing it. Read the tips below to learn more about what users expect from mobile apps. 

1. User-Friendliness
A mobile app should feed modern while not neglecting its simplicity. It should be easy for users to understand and learn about. Another aspect of user-friendliness is to design the app so that it is able to be utilized without using both hands. Make sure all buttons within the app are easily accessible and work well, including making sure they are not too large or too small. 

2. Fast Applications
One downfall of fast and powerful mobile apps is that they often seem to drain battery life. Many users are looking for mobile apps that are fast and work well but that do not drain battery life. Make sure also that customers are able to monitor how much data the app utilizes, and try to accommodate to both their data and battery usage needs while offering an app that runs well. 

3. Personalized Features
Personalized features on a mobile app makes the user experience much more authentic and makes users much more pleased with your mobile application. You can customize the content on the app based on the customer's gender, location or interests, for example. Create custom playlists, game features or shopping experiences that will relate to your customer's needs and all that they want out of your mobile app experience.

4. An Easy Checkout Experience
If you offer purchasing features on your mobile app, many users want a checkout experience that is seamless and easy to understand. Only fields for essential information should be provided, and these fields should be simplified as much as possible. Allow autofill features, for instance, if you put in your street name where it populates your town and zip code. Making the checkout process enjoyable will make the users want to come back for more on your mobile app. 

Final Thoughts
Designing a seamless mobile app experience is important to continue having users on your app. Allow for personalized services, seamless checkout experiences and user-friendly experiences. Make sure your app functions well without draining battery or data use in excess as well.

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