The Internet of Things (IoT) may be illustrated as a network of devices connected to other devices by way of the internet, allowing them to exchange data. This describes connections between phones, computers, TV's and more with the internet and each other. What's so great about IoT? Why do we care about it? Check out our list of incredible facts to find out.

1. If you're reading this - you're connected.
Whether you're reading this on your phone, laptop or tablet - you're already connected to the IoT and you may have other connections you hadn't thought of. In the way your Facebook account is connected to other sites on the Web, you have your devices connected to others around your home and office.

2. AI devices are an IoT in themselves
Devices such as Amazon's Echo are able to respond to your verbal requests to perform various tasks between your phone and its accounts. It can play music from one App, place orders from another and read any data from the internet within seconds.

3. IoT can start your morning routine for you.
We know how phones and computers are so easily connected. Have we considered other devices that can interact over the internet? If you have an early morning routine, you could coordinate your phone to turn on your morning news, the bedroom lights, warm up the house and even begin brewing coffee before you've stepped out of bed.
Source: Forbes 

4. It can find a lost pet!
If you have a smart device such as Tile attached to your pet's collar, the IoT can help you find them if they've run away. If they enter someone's yard and connect to a wifi network, they've enabled you to locate and bring them home.

5. Check Engine light: real or false alarm?
If you have a newer car model that connects to your phone, you're already IoT connected, and your phone can detect the real issue behind any light that comes on in your car to determine if there's a real problem or not.
Source: IBM

The Internet of Things is nothing new and nothing small. The idea began in the 1980's and its network is expected to reach 64 billion devices within the next 6 years. If you're intrigued by IoT and want to know more ways to supplement your mobile life, head to Zencode to learn more.

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