Everyone uses artificial intelligence (AI) at some point or another. Algorithms are built into search engines to help you find specific information online. There are automated checkout machines that you use at the store and mobile apps with voice-activated sensors on your phone. Here are several AI trends for 2020 to consider.

UX Mobile Apps

Mobile user experience (UX) designs will make the wireless experience easier and more enjoyable in 2020. It will be easier to get connected to the Internet, easier to stay in touch with family and friends and easier to avoid losing that connection. The mobile devices or wearables will be smaller, easier to wear and more comfortable. For industry professionals, innovative apps include Zencode that are designed to match business needs exactly.

Mobile apps will increase in availability across the market. App designers will figure out ways to make the user experience more interactive with enhanced sound, video and imagery. More app designs should include options for personalized features that change as the user changes.

Sources of Big Data

Big data consists of data and information that are too vast to handle manually. Trying to mine through large fields of data for specific information is an impossible task for most people. Advancements in artificial intelligence will make it easier to look through online personal records, search indexes and social networks for specific items of interest.

AI trends will increase the value of predictive analytics for business professionals. Today, they can run predictive algorithms to browse through massive amounts of structured or unstructured data. However, not all of their efforts turn out accurate. New methods of making more accurate predictions are being proposed for the future.

Voice Assistance

Voice activation is one of the countless technology solutions that are being built into millions of smartphones. It's not just designed to help drivers who are speaking on the phone or need directions through GPS navigation. Voice assistants are becoming available on all types of mobile devices, including tablets, and apps. For online researchers, there is the new trend of voice-assisted searching. Overall, this technology will increase and improve the efficiency of multitasking.

Artificial intelligence is not all about hiring robot secretaries and nannies. You'll find AI trends for 2020 in every type of industry, whether it's medical, construction or entertainment, where the employees need more convenience and efficiency. There probably won't be AI teachers teaching at colleges in 2020, but there will be major improvements as to how people work, study and look for information online. A handful of these technology solutions are worth learning more about.


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