The spread of COVID-19 has forced institutions to change the way they handle primary operations. However, there have been developments aiming to counter the effects of the virus across the globe. AI and Machine Learning are perfect examples in this context. Technology has been the backbone of the fight against the spread, as the experts try to find a viable cure soon.

Through the help of AI, the involved stakeholders are working tirelessly to enhance communication concerning the pandemic. For example, in French, the public has an opportunity to find accurate information about virus statistics. The info is getting to them, just as relayed by the government without any chances of distortion.

By obtaining accurate information, it has been easy for the French people to understand the virus's actual symptoms. Similarly, the health department has experienced an easy time trying to answer questions as they come from the public. Going by the recent statistics, over three million queries reached the health departments, with individuals seeking clarification on the form of exercises that one can engage in to minimize the risk of COVID-19. The use of chatbot has helped transmit information.

In California, researches are on the move to establish a system that can detect the virus, and send an alert early enough. To help them predict the spread of the virus, the researchers are investigating large chunks of data from all corners. As they try to predict the spread of the virus, they are also keen to understand how it alters. Through the research, the experts intend to come up with a way to forecast the number of infections that are yet to be detected.

Early in March, a team of devoted experts voluntarily established a consequence-preparation tool. The tool aimed at assisting health centers in strategizing on the number of beds that the hospitals would require to accommodate COVID-19 victims. Working with other community organizations, the team availed the system to the cloud, a fact that helped them control several scenarios simultaneously.


AI and a countless number of institutions have made it a priority to find ways of fighting the virus. Information transmission has been the primary element that researchers depend on to know their next move. As challenging as it has been, tremendous improvements have been attained in various regions, thanks to technology. Governments have assumed the role of informing, as well as advising the public on measures to observe.

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