Today's discussion is on mobile app development trends for 2020. Now, some of you might be a bit of a fix. One, you could be looking for some new ideas because your current well has run dry. Two, you might have a mobile app idea, but fail to have a team to put things together for you.

Putting a team together is going to be the easier of the two. Finding the right idea for a new mobile app is going to be trickier. There are two reasons for that. One, some ideas have crashed and burned without much success. Two, most app ideas have a "been there, done that" quality to them already.

That is why it pays to think outside the box concerning digital technology and mobile app development.

With that purpose in mind, we have two app trends you will be seeing a lot of in 2020 and beyond. We feel it is important to discuss these key points to help those who might be stuck for one reason or another.


1) Internet Of Things (IoT)

You might not have heard of this one, and that is okay. It is one of the latest for web apps. The Internet of Things is a concept that lets you control everything from one device. This is not a new concept for digital technology. There are things out there already promoting this, including Phillip's Lighting System and Amazon's Dash Button. These have already gained popularity.

"It is a prototype. You cannot sell it."
"Relax, we will make some more."
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Listen, even the prototypes are sold before they have everything ready. In some cases, with digital technology, everything is a prototype. Look for more of the IoT in the future.


2) Mobile Wallets

Developers find that with the success of Apple Pay and Google Pay, more people are looking to go further, in terms of creativity. The mobile wallet is becoming a very popular discussion with web apps. Think of it as a virtual wallet, except it is more secure that stuffing your wallet in the back pocket of your pants.



These two trends should help get the creativity flowing more. These trends are just two in a long line of new ideas that will push all of us into the next century. You can always find more ideas at this link:


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