The Rise of Intelligent Voice Assistants

Reshuffle the cards in the web economy with voice assistants.

Another era of how we interact with data is upon us, first there was mainframes, then personal computers, then web systems, then mobile apps and now voice assistants. In the next 10 years the way we interact with data will change again with continuing improvement in voice AI technology.

The most convincing reason to embrace the new technology of voice assistance in the mobile app is that it is an incredible technology and pays way to acquire new business frontiers, the age of the voice-based mobile app is right now.

A few years back Apple introduced Siri to iOS so that the users can interact with technology. Followed by Google assistants and Alexa have established their foothold in the play, years back it would look funny to talk to your phone but now the arrival of the voice assistants has become so natural to control your phone over voice commands, and people have already accepted this change because this provides the best hands-free experience.

However the voice recognition technology is not new one, previous to the advent of the integration of Siri by Apple, there were voice recognition systems that were available in the market in the desktop era even Microsoft introduced Cortana which made the working on desktop simple, so it's a repeat history for voice assistance it’s always imperative for the companies to keep up with the technology. Voice assistants are adopting the speech technology it will eventually increase the user interaction and therefore enhances their experience. The technology is too flexible to take this voice culture to any app. It cannot be limited to particular categories and will be the preferred means of communication with devices.

The future of the voice assistants will be the new norm in the technology.

In the recently held CES 2018 Google predicts voice assistants will dominate future homes. Voice assistants were indulged in everything at the CES 2018 starting from the smart glasses to smart toilets suggesting the future is within it. Google assistants and Alexa have already opened up their systems to third parties and already integrating into markets including automobiles, healthcare, smart products and many other. These giants have just confirmed that the voice assistants will make typing obsolete and make voice commands as the norm which will play a much more significant part in the digital life this year.

Saying this, adding voice capabilities to your application, will not only increase the downloads and revenue but it will enhance your product and will keep you updated with the recent trends. But one has to make sure your mobile app needs to be ready to initiate an interaction and provide the information the user is in need of. Already there are a handful of apps with the integrated voice assistant technology because that's the future norm where the user experiences both convenience and hassle-free operations. In fact, a lot of companies are already taking a step towards this technology after the CES 2018 Google's abrupt prediction on voice assistants is the next big thing has got its limelight so it will be the best option to opt for this technology right now. We have also helped a few companies with their development in this line, so they can get ahead of the curve and start interacting with data on a more intuitive level.

The Era of "stop typing, start speaking" has already started so it is better to act now.

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