A new decade is upon us and this means bigger and better things for the Internet of Things. IoT continues to mature and businesses around the world are reaping the benefits of using these cloud connected storage sensors. In what ways can businesses benefit in 2020 and beyond?

Let's look a bit deeper into the new frontier of IoT and how these sensors can change the way we do business.


IoT in 2020 and Beyond

Cloud connected sensors will help businesses make better decisions in the next decade. While much of this technology is existent in industrial settings, sensors will become ubiquitous in the offices of small to medium sized businesses. 

Think about all of things you could do while harnessing A.I. driven decisions. For example, you could use the data gathered from your sensors to create a customized power conservation plan for your office. This could help benefit the environment while simultaneously saving your money on your utilities bill.


Data Driven Healthcare Related Decisions

The healthcare IT field will gain immense use out of the data generated by cloud connected sensors. One of the ways healthcare IT can gain immediate value from this technology is to harvest the data collected from these sensors and use that intelligence to save on costs related to patient care.

As a result, cost savings can be passed down to the consumer as different processes within the hospital are being streamlined. One of the biggest gains for the healthcare industry is the ability to measure the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. Sensors can help provide doctors with critical data that be used to drive health care decisions.


Sensors That Use Voice Commands

You're probably already using tools like Siri and Alexa. Isn't it scary how accurate these devices have become in deciphering our speech and giving us exactly what we want? 

Combine those abilities alongside the power of the Internet of Things and you can create a cloud sensor network that can be operated with your voice versus using sophisticated computer code. The Internet of Things will be able use your voice to gather data while simultaneously connecting to APIs to help facilitate the data collection process and perform advanced actions on the fly. 

This initiative can help drive decisions that can create efficiencies while concurrently using human commands to change the data gathering operation. Researchers are already leveraging these two powerful technologies so that they can be merged to create practical applications for businesses worldwide.

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