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We are a pioneer custom app development company that holds the required experience and expertise in developing some of the best custom applications for customers. From startups to established companies, we have been providing extraordinary applications in various sectors and industries. With our extraordinary services in Custom Android Application Development in Singapore, businesses will be able to be in pace with the fast-changing world. We also use the best forms of technology to meet the unique business demands of the customers.


We will help you to convert all your ideas into a simple application that is both interactive and easy to work with. Our main goal is to understand all your business objectives and unique requirements and develop the required application that will allow you to accomplish all your goals within the desired timeframe. We will take care of every single aspect of the application development process. All our applications are user-friendly and are also easily scalable.

Our Custom Mobile App Development Services in Singapore

Android app development

We offer top-grade Android application development services to our customers. Our applications are highly consistent and are also built using the latest forms of technology. We leave no stone unturned in offering the best solutions to our customers. Our team of developers will take care of every segment of the app development process. We will also make sure that the application runs consistently across all devices.

iOS app development

We are also committed to delivering high-quality iOS applications for iOS devices. Our applications work well for all the end-users at any time. We carry out both automated as well as manual testing processes to verify the reliability of our application. We will also make sure that our iOS applications are stable under various conditions. We will also provide you with post-launch support to make sure that your application remains bug-free all the time. We will also use advanced technologies in developing solutions for our customers. Our applications are suitable for all industries be it E-Commerce, healthcare, education and so on.

Our application development process

Strategy and analysis

At the initial stage of the application development process, we will take all your ideas into consideration and convert them into a concrete strategy. Our business analysts will conduct regular assessments and identify the key performance metrics and the design requirements. Based on all this research, they will create a full blueprint of your application.

Design and development

After we have carefully analysed all your requirements for your future mobile application, we will ask our UX/UI designers to carry out the designing process. They will make sure that the application has an elegant design. The architecture should also be quite interactive. Once the design is created, the developers will start working on the code. We use the traditional agile approach in our mobile app development process. This will help to maximize the working efficiency of the developers and will also shorten the time taken for project completion. We are the best company for Custom Android Application Development in Singapore.

QA and testing

We are completely committed to developing extraordinary mobile solutions that will meet all the user requirements. We carry out an extensive testing process before we actually launch the application on various app stores. We will also test the functionalities of the applications for different sets of inputs to find whether it is giving the desired output for all test cases. We also have a specialised team of testers who will carry out extensive testing before the product is actually launched. Our Custom Mobile App Development Services in Singapore are not only advanced but are also quite reliable.

Post-launch support

We also believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers and that is why we provide our customers with maintenance and support. We will make sure that your application is regularly updated. We will also work with you to fix any bug that might occur at later stages of the application development process. We will also help you to scale your application whenever required.

Why choose Zencode for Custom Android
Application Development in Singapore?

At Zencode, we believe in the team game. We have a huge team of experienced designers, developers and testers who are known for delivering highly customised mobile applications to customers. All our professionals have excellent skills and ability. They also pay attention to the time frame in which they will have to deliver their products. We will also help you to overcome all sorts of problems that might come during the application development process. We will make sure that your application is launched within the deadline.

So, if you are in need of any of our solutions, you can come to us and we will tell you what is best for your business.


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