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Gain the competitive edge in the market by leveraging the extensive functionality of our custom software development solutions.

As a custom software development company, Zencode has offered customized software development services to deliver tailor-made quality software promptly and reliably to hundreds of clients. Rely on our skilled team of engineers and cutting edge technology to deliver high-quality services to our clients.


At Zencode, we have successfully addressed business challenges of our clients by offering custom software development solutions for desktop, mobile, web, application development, cloud computing, UI and UX. We have a proven track record of building custom software solutions for large enterprises, medium and small size companies.

Our Custom Software Development Process


Requirements Analysis and Planning

Identification and analysis of requirements is the first step of our custom software development process. We research the business, its goals, niche market, its competitors and risks. We mainly perform analysis of functional and technological requirements, system architecture, performance and organizational requirements.


Design is the most important element in software development especially for a web or mobile app. We at Zencode, develop a comprehensive UI/UX design guide that includes the design purpose, terms, and the process of an appealing and functional design creation. WE believe that visual design greatly influences your brand identity and user experience.



Our next step is back end development using various languages. We strive to build a strong server side code that can manage databases, user connections, and communicates to the web application. For the front end development, we concentrate on developing code that determines the look, feel and design of your digital product.

QA and Testing

In the quality assurance and testing stage, our team ensures that the developed software is free of bugs. In this step, we validate and verify the product ensuring that it is ready for the market. While QA enhances product quality, testing eliminates bugs.


Deployment and Maintenance

Our final phase in development involves deployment and maintenance. We manage the product release phase and deployment in the market. We then offer software maintenance which is a continuous process done in collaboration with the client to enhance, modify and update the software product after delivery to correct faults and improve performance.

Our Custom Software Development Services

section_img Web Application Development

You can leverage our deep web application development expertise to build progressive, cross-platform and robust web apps that meet all modern standards and adapt best standards in development in terms of security, functionality, scalability and reliability. functions. We offer the whole range of custom web app development services right from analysis, UI/UX design, front and back end development, testing and support.

section_img Mobile Application Development

We specialize in building tailor-made, industry specific mobile app development. Our skilled and experienced team of developers can create native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile apps to work for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Our deep understanding of customer requirements enables us to develop top-notch mobile apps on time and within budget.

section_img E-Commerce Software Development

Our custom e-commerce software development services include developing an e-commerce platform that delivers the best online shopping experience. We focus on customizing business logic, following a SEO friendly architecture, smooth navigation, checkout and on-site personalization.

section_img Staff Augmentation Services

Our customized staff augmentation services include effectively supplementing your team with the required skill sets as per your business objective, fill gaps in the current team and ensure that all technology initiatives align with your business needs.

section_img Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our skilled team of developers have the expertise needed to build intelligent AI-driven applications using machine learning tools and algorithms. Our custom solutions can drive rapid AI software development to provide smart solutions to complex business problems.

Why Should You Choose Our Custom Software Development Solutions?

We at Zencode provide 360 degree custom software development solutions to our clients by working closely with them. Being a leading software company, we combine expert knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and vast experience to bring to our customers fine-tuned workflows, innovative products, and bold ideas to life. Our extensive knowledge and strict adherence to quality ensure that we deliver top-notch custom software and application development services to our clients.


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