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If you are looking for a highly advanced digital managed identity management company, then you are at the right place. Our digital identity management company will completely transform the way an organisation interacts with its clients, customers, employees and devices. Our software solutions will provide 100% security to our customers and will also allow them to carry their transactions in a highly effective way.


How do we offer our solutions to our customers?

Our credential management software enables large enterprises and companies to manage their digital identities in the most secure way. We utilise multi-factor authentication methods in various steps of the business process. Our unique processes have also enabled strong authentication for millions of people to the system network and data that they required to access. For those companies that are responsible for information security, we will provide you with easy integration of our digital identity management software over your existing infrastructure. For the end-users, we can also enable secure access to the company data and network.

Using multi-factor authentication methods, you will not have to think twice before you opt for our services. Once you avail of our Digital


Identity Management solutions, you will easily be able to manage the threat of unauthorised access to data. You will be able to save yourself from identity fraud, cyber terrorism and various other kinds of crimes. This also minimises the threat of data breach. Our services are suitable for all kinds of industries and organisations. We have helped hundreds of companies to achieve their business goals and carry their transaction in a completely secure way.

Our available technologies

Our software solutions will allow the organisation to operate across various hardware and software devices. Whether you are trying to manage a smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, we have got the right solution for you. We are also highly flexible and versatile. You will be able to integrate our solution across various platforms and devices including mobile device management, hardware security module, smart cards, USB tokens and much more.

Wherever data security is important, you will find Zencode. The interoperability, reliability and security of our digital identity management software solutions are what sets us apart from the crowd. We are proud to helped hundreds of organisation manage their digital security in the most appropriate way.

Advantages of our software solutions

With our Digital Identity Management solutions, you will easily be able to detect identity fraud and the chances of cybercrime that may prevail in your industry. Our accuracy is also over 90%. You will easily be able to eliminate synthetic ID fraud from the existing systems using machine learning models. We also take advantage of some of the highest forms of technology in offering solutions to our customers. With our solutions, you will easily be able to accelerate the risk-based document verification process. you can verify government-issued ID documents and check for duplicate IDs. Our solution will also be able to help you to simplify all your operations and carry out your business in the best possible way.

Industries We Support
Government sectors

Our software management solutions will allow various governmental departments to manage secure digital identity to protect user access to system data or cybersecurity operations. Our software has the ability to deal with a diverse range of sensitive data from various departments. All our software can also help in crime handling. Our software solutions are created using highly advanced technologies. We will also make sure that none of the sensitive data is sacrificed.

Banking and finance

We also offer our services to finance and banking enterprises. This is extremely important especially because of the growing cyber threat in the finance and banking sectors. With our solutions, all kinds of transactions can be carried out in a secure way. There will be no room for any kind of cybersecurity compromises. Our software will completely safeguard your data and continuously monitor your system and network for all kinds of security breaches. We also use multi-factor authentication before giving data access to any employees.


Our software solutions are of particular importance in the defence and aerospace industry. Using the software solutions, the defence organisation can securely manage their workforce. As the defence department is always at risk of cyber threats, this makes it extremely important for you to have a highly advanced digital identity management system that will prevent the stealing of intellectual property that might cause a threat to the nation’s defence system and capabilities.

As you can see, digital identity management solutions are important for all kinds of businesses and platforms. So, if you are looking for an ideal security solution for your business, you can get in touch with us and we will get everything sorted for you.


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