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Zencode is known for developing custom mobile applications as the leading mobile app development company in the USA, for several different enterprises and organizations around the world.


What is Mobile Application Development?


Mobile Application Development is the process of designing software for mobile and smartphones. It is essentially the collection of methods and techniques that go into building software for hand-held devices like smartphones. Much like website application development, it has its origins in older, more traditional methods of software development. The main difference here is that mobile application developers take advantage of a mobile phone's various specifications and qualities to make the application unique and more interactive.

The different types of mobile applications are Native Applications, Hybrid Applications and Progressive Web Applications

The most common platforms for mobile application developers are Android’s Google PlayStore, and iOS’ Apple Store.

What Is A Custom Mobile Application? How Is It Different From Other Applications?


Custom application development, also known as tailored application development or bespoke application development, is the process of a mobile app development company creating software applications specifically for a person, a group of people, or a business/organization. These customized applications are made to fulfill the special needs of a business.

A custom mobile application is different from “off the shelf” applications designed and developed for more generic use cases applicable to different businesses. Custom mobile applications are tailored, or rather “custom made,” as the name suggests, with specific organizations or companies and their operations in mind.

For example, a business might require in-app purchasing as well as a “dashboard system” in place for their application but might not find a product in the market that provides both in the same application. In such situations, they can simply hire a custom mobile application development company to make a mobile application that includes customization specifically for the client.

To use a regular, off-the-shelf mobile application, you would have to buy the license of a product that may meet your requirements. You can simply pay a mobile app development company for a custom mobile application to program the application right from scratch, as per your specific needs!


About Zencode


Zencode is a top mobile app development company in USA. Not only do we offer software development services, but we also provide our customers with a wide range of business solutions, right from mobile applications to AI and data analytics. We cover it all!

With our custom mobile app development services, our driving force is to offer our clientele with top-notch services that satisfy all of their company requirements and needs. We develop completely customized applications that suit your organization’s demands, across all mobile software systems, including Android, iOS, and other cross-platform software

Zencode uses the latest forms of technology to help our clients with consultations, coding and programming, and other solutions and we guarantee flexibility and mobility with our custom mobile app development services.

With the help of our expert team of developers, we create and provide highly functional and intuitive applications tailored to your business or firm.


Why Go For Zencode?


Our passionate team of professional IT experts aims to invest time to learn about your business, its operations, and its goals. We aim to deliver you the perfect custom mobile application that not only increases your business’ efficiency but increases your productivity. To top it all, it is also cost-efficient!

We have served over a hundred satisfied customers, delivering over 250 completed IT projects, and helped boost over 50 start-ups to date. As a competent mobile application development company, we bring only the best custom mobile applications developed for all types of businesses, be it B2B, B2C, or even B2E!

Zencode Cybersecurity Solutions

Zencode, among the top 5 mobile app development companies in the USA, offers a Cybersecurity Solution that is trusted by the Singapore Government, with the help of various partners. Our Cybersecurity techniques help protect your company’s data even when a user is on a rooter or compromised operating system. We also make this possible with an increased security system, and we do it all at a lower cost!

The benefit of hiring Zencode is that not only is our cybersecurity solution cost-effective, but we do not compromise on your mobile application’s User-Experienced Interface. We provide sleek UI/UX designs with added security and low cost.


Other Benefits of Hiring Zencode


Zencode offers its clients premium iOS application development services. Our developers have worked on iOS applications for several years across a variety of different industries. They have plenty of expertise in managing fully interactive and personalized iOS applications. We also have Android application developers who are masters at providing our clients with precisely what they’re looking for.

In addition to Android and iOS applications, we also have experience in providing custom mobile applications for Hybrid System software, including Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Flutter, and React Native applications. All our applications are guaranteed to be highly engaging and interactive and will provide a pleasant user experience for all your customers.


Summing it Up

As a top mobile app development company in USA, here at Zencode, we believe in providing our clients with the best custom mobile app development services. Enjoy a seamless transition from your existing apps into a world of technological advancement with tailored mobile applications.

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We offer our clients a variety of services as a custom mobile application development company. These include consultation and strategy sessions, a sleek and seamless UI/UX design that is highly interactive, native application development and hybrid application development, cybersecurity solutions, and application testing & deployment.

Yes! Zencode works with all native application software systems like iOS and Android, and with Hybrid application software systems like Progressive Web Application, React, Native, Flutter and Ionic.

We provide our clients with a timeline from start to finish. This timeline depends specifically on the client’s requirements and how soon our developers can fulfill them.

Zencode offers V-Key app protection, V-Key consultation services, V-Key secure messaging, V-Key e-KYC, V-Key implementation services as well as POC implementation services, for a safe and secure mobile application.

Yes, we provide our clients with a consultation service before the start of the custom mobile application development. Here, we discuss all our client’s needs for their application, and we provide them with a run-down of the process, the timeline, as well as the cost of the services we provide.

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