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Military grade cryptography and is used by the Singapore government and Singapore banks (DBS, OCBC and UOB) to protect their mobile applications. It is also used by AliExpress and Paidy to secure their customer information in the mobile environment. It works through providing a virtual operating system that the mobile application runs on top of within iOS or Android, this "airgaps" the sensitive data from the mobile device and does away with hardware tokens at the same time.

There is increasingly common usage of smartphones for mobile banking, mobile payments, accessing government services and enabling a mobile workforce, all of which require secure mobile authentication and authorization. This puts more pressure than ever on service providers and enterprises to find mobile security measures that can secure sensitive data during these transactions and interactions.

Zencode along with V-Key offers solutions to these to today's mobile cybersecurity needs.

Be it in Government, Banking or Enterprises.


V-Key is at the forefront of solving some of the issues governments face in creating digital identities for a smart nation.

New technologies such as V-OS Authentication Management, which is built on top of V-OS Virtual Secure Element equals or betters smart chip security specifications and hard tokens, and offers robust protection. This includes multi-layered protection against advanced threats targeting mobile applications.

This means the protocols for verification of the user’s digital identity are as secure as those for services that require strong authentication such as financial transactions. The solution, which works on both iOS and Android devices, adds another layer of security for government organizations wishing to allow smartphone users to transact on-the-go, conveniently and with one secure application.


Banks are fighting to secure organic and inorganic growth in both existing and new markets, whilst grappling with the rising costs of managing expensive physical and legacy technology infrastructure.

Against this backdrop, banks are increasingly moving towards a digital-first strategy. At its heart is the imperative to assure customers of their bank’s continued ability to secure every transaction. Fully digital omni-channel banking also has the added benefit of an enhanced customer experience and seamless security.

In executing their digital strategy, Heads of Digital Banking and Retail Banking must ensure that digital identity, mobile authentication and authorization standards are constantly raised. They must continually provide the highest levels of security to their end users, while maximizing user experience and minimizing cost.

However, this vision requires an evolution from the existing hardware-based security paradigm which is clunky and costly in equal measure.

V-Key has developed the world’s first virtual secure element: V-OS, which matches or improves on the security characteristics of hardware secure elements for cryptographic storage, processing and verification of user credentials, and multi-factor authentication of transactions.

V-OS has been the subject of multiple rigorous penetration and stress tests by e-commerce players, government agencies, regulatory bodies and FinTech companies including Ant Financial Services Group. It has yet to be compromised, and in fact meets or exceeds standards previously reserved for hardware security solutions. As a result, V-OS provides a compelling frictionless solution for digital banking applications.


An increasing number of employees are working remotely or frequently traveling for work purposes. More and more of them are bringing their own devices to work, and it’s now much easier for data to be transported across multiple devices and outside the physical office environment.

In this new reality, enterprises are constantly fighting to keep their sensitive data safe and prevent cyber-crime.

Security solutions that have traditionally been in place, i.e. second-factor authentication (2FA) solutions using SMS or hardware tokens are costly, inconvenient, and subject to man-in-the-middle attacks. At the same time, weaknesses found in common mobile operating systems mean that mobile applications and mobile tokens currently providing ‘enterprise-level security’ need extra protection against advanced persistent threats that continue to expose mobile phones.

Data and messaging security that's easy to integrate, implement and maintain.

At V-Key we have solutions that can solve the security challenge in relation to access control at both the device and system levels, such as company-wide VPN. Multiple use cases can be secured in one app.

V-Key’s solutions can be integrated with existing hardware infrastructure and authentication servers. In partnership with others, we are able to provide security solutions for physical access to premises, security for VPN access, or security for Single Sign-On (SSO) for access to enterprise servers.

Whereas traditional white box cryptography can typically be penetrated within days, V-OS has demonstrably been able to pass more than nine penetration tests. Requesting organizations include Ant Financial, our investor, as well as customers who managed pen tests as part of rolling out the solution.

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