Zencode helps trading companies manage their operations whatever the business model. From trading systems for commodities traders to Forex trading platforms, Zencode has it all.

Trading Systems

  • Commodities Trading Platform
  • Raw Material Trading Platform
  • Import/Export Trading Platform
  • FX/Forex Trading Platform
  • Cryptocurrencies Trading Platform

We have created mobile app enabled trading to allow your customers to be able to quickly and easily access your trading system, see updated pricing for products, make price enquiries and even make bookings. All the while masking your supplier detail from your clients. 


Key features of the solution include

  • Management of
    • Supplier information and mask that information from customers
    • Supplies within the platform and supplies information is shared /restricted within a set of partners
    • PO and documents (Letters of Credit, Shipping Manifestos, etc.) for each order with each customer
    • Contractual documents between the buyer and the seller
    • Communications in the platform allowing your admin to provide the best customer service whilst improving productivity
    • Communication within the platform between the buyer and the seller
    • Mark-ups and price enquiries for each supplier and manage logistics rates for each supplier type
    • Specifications of each product in detail and all the supporting documents required for each product can be added accordingly
    • Transaction details of each trade
    • Each product can have a specific validity period for the contract to be duly accepted by either of the parties and process the transaction
    • Allow suppliers to update pricing information and offer new products (with your approval and mark-up) to your clients
  • Standard and dynamic reports to enable the businesses to have a clear insight into their business and helps with key decisions
  • Supports configuration on specific terms and conditions to be amended in the contract
  • Understand cashflow, leverage and orders in one click
  • Allow customers to view previous sales history, track orders and documents in their own profile page
  • Comprehensive Dashboard covering the major transactions in graphic representation for ease of understanding and outline of the reports are covered in the same
  • Ability to create and circulate newsletters to employees and customers

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